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Cataracts Q & A

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What Are Cataracts?

Cataract is the result of loss of transparency of the natural lens protein, very similar to the egg white when it hits a hot pan.

What Are The Symptoms?

Gradual dimming of vision is a very common symptom.

Glare, Halos, Sunburst effect.

Gradual loss of vision that lead to blindness at advanced stages.

What Are The Different Treatment Methods?

Currently, surgery is the only treatment option for cataract. One of the most rewarding procedures in humans is Cataract surgery. The cloudy lens is removed and is replaced by an artificial lens that incorporate the power of your existing glasses. Usually, most patient need minor or no glasses after surgery for distance. Some of them need reading glasses



فحص العين لمرضى السكر

فحص العين لمرضى السكر


إعتام عدسة العين

إعتام عدسة العين


علاج الجلوكوما

علاج الجلوكوما

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